800 Fifth Avenue, N.Y. 2014

26" x 42" Ultra Chrome on canvas

Bay Boulevard, Atlantic Beach, New York, 2010

15" x 45" Ultra Chrome on canvas 

985  Fifth Avenue, 2001

Ultra Chrome on canvas,  48" x 60 "

GREENWICH  , CT. Convex , 2012- Ultra chrome on canvas  48" 

GREENWICH  , CT. Circuit , 2012- Ultra chrome on canvas  48" x 60

433-435 52nd Street, NY,NY. 1999

Acrylic on canvas,  48" x 60 "


Acrylic and Aluminum paint on canvas 48" x 60"

GREENWICH , CT. 2012- Ultra chrome on canvas  48" x 60

These works combine both graphic and literary elements. A linear narrative floats above tonal grounds telling us the the story of those who inhabit the world we see.   The inclusion of the geographic location of the scene, either calligraphic or  typographic, removes the fiction and stylization of art by adding the veracity of time, place and culture to the the story being told.